Men Boot Socks

knitted socks in boots

When you order new work boots, it is also a great time to purchase new socks. Chances are, if you need new boots, your socks are probably looking pretty rough as well. If you are like many other boot wearers, you are probably considering cotton socks. You know, the same types of socks you have been wearing since you were a toddler. However, a better type of sock for wear with work boots is a wool sock. To learn more about why you should choose wool socks over cotton socks, check out the information below.

Wool Socks are Warmer than Cotton Socks

By design, a wool sock is thicker than a cotton sock, which makes it a better insulator. With wool socks on your feet, you can count on staying warm, even in extremely cold climates.

Work Boots are more comfortable with Wool Socks on your Feet

When you have wool socks on your feet, you will stay more comfortable. Wool socks are thicker than typical cotton socks. As a result, a wool sock will provide a lot of cushioning. When you have cushioning between your work boots and your feet, you will experience less rubbing and less friction, which will equate to less foot pain and less blisters.

Moisture-Wicking is Possible with Wool Socks

When you choose wool socks over cotton socks, you will have drier feet because wool socks help moisture evaporate faster than cotton socks. If you have wool socks on your feet, your feet will be much more comfortable, even if you have to wear the same pair of socks for a very long period of time.

After you read the information above, you will have the information you need to buy the best wool socks for your feet.


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