Hiking Socks

A good pair of hiking socks can make all the difference between an enjoyable hike and an uncomfortable one. Take a look through our range of hiking socks and you’ll see there are a wide variety available. It’s therefore important to take your time when choosing walking socks and consider which will best suit the type of walk and conditions you may encounter.

Some key features to look out for include temperature regulation, shock absorption, blister prevention and promotion of good circulation.

Hiking Sock Materials 

Socks can be made from many different materials and some are better suited to hiking than others.

Merino Wool Walking Socks 

Merino Wool is a natural fibre which is well known for its warmth and soft feel against the skin. Merino wool socks, such as the Merino Explorer Socks, are lightweight, naturally breathable and anti-bacterial, which can help keep foot odour at bay. To find out more about Merino Wool check out our Merino Wool Guide.

Wool Walking Socks
Wool is the most common material used for hiking socks and is ideal for all types of walking. Wool walking socks are particularly suited to more strenuous hikes and colder temperatures.

Cotton Walking Socks
Cotton socks are best for city walking or short country hikes.

At the end of a days’ hike you, may choose to put on cotton socks as they will draw out and soak up any moisture from your feet, helping to avoid blisters the next morning.

Silk socks are best for hiking in warm climates but are also very good as lining socks. They can both add warmth to the foot and help wick away moisture to prevent blisters forming

The important things to remember are that no one sock will fit all types of hiking. You must make sure you buy the socks which will best match what you are going to be using them for.

You must also remember the sock you buy will affect the amount of space you have in your walking footwear, so it is best to try both on at the same time before purchasing.

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